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Thank you for your interest in Sol Magazine.
Submission to Sol implies you are over eighteen.

Sol Magazine has published poetry since the early nineties.   We are no longer a competition journal, nor are we a print journal. Sol is primarily a place for new and emerging poets. If you are a well-published poet, or an English professor, consider submitting work to Ampersand Poetry Journal.

We reserve the right to decline work without notification.  Receipt implies no guarantee of publication. If you have not received a response within six months, feel free to re-submit with new work.

A.  In simple e-mail (not attached) please include the following.

1.  Address Information
First Name, Last Name
Home Street Address (or Post Office Box)
City, State
Zip Code
Home Phone Number
Cell Phone or Work Number (if any)

2.  Permission Statements
A statement that you currently own all rights to all poems being submitted.
Permission to publish your full name and city/state/country with your biography.
Permission to publish submitted poems.
Permission to lightly edit poems for spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.

3.  Biography
A short third person biography, between forty and fifty words long.  Include a separate paragraph about places where you have been previously published.

4.  Titles of poems
If published, include the name of publisher, URL or city of publication, and year of publication.

5. Send to:

B.  Attached (not embedded in your e-mail) send a word (.doc) or rich text (.rtf) document, but not a .docx document.
Send no fewer than five and no more than ten poems.  We encourage you to include a mix of new work and previously published works.  Works previously published may be a mix of print journal and e-journal poems; please include all publisher information.  Do not include your name in the attachment, only in your e-mail.

No changes allowed to submissions.  If you discover a problem in your submission after it has been sent, please withdraw the entire submission and resubmit at a later date.

Other Notes:

When you submit work to Sol Magazine, we assume only four things:  you are over eighteen; you wrote and now own all the rights to all the poems you have submitted; you grant us permission to add your id to a protected distribution list that gives notice of publication of new editions; you have read and understood all our guidelines and these additional notes.  We do not consider submissions from poets between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one unless all of their submitted works have been previously published.

Do not include a photo with your submission.
Do not include a with your entry.
Do not use a background, or use colored ink in your submission or cover letter.
Do not use ALL CAPS for titles or within poems.
Left justified or centered poems are acceptable.  We discourage the use of tabs.
We ignore submissions that do not follow our guidelines.
We ignore submissions because of archaic words, overly flowery language, or backward-phrasing.
We may correct or ignore a submission because of incorrect tense, grammar, spelling errors, or inconsistent punctuation. (If you begin with sentence structure, continue throughout.)
Lines longer than fifty characters across may wrap in an inconvenient place; if your poems have extremely long lines, we may (without asking further permission) wrap lines as we feel necessary.
We do not consider work with sexually suggestive or explicit words, graphic language, hate language, or ethnic, religious, or political slurs, or that praise violence or that demean or demonize others.
Submission of pre-published works is both acceptable and encouraged if you now own all rights, but total information on where published and when must be included.

Sol Magazine is owned and operated by Mary Margaret Carlisle and Leo F. Waltz.  We are neither non-profit nor for-profit.

Do not add us to any distribution list, or send us anything without permission.  If you send us books, cash or other gifts, we reserve the right to dispose of them in any way we choose.  No fees = no remuneration.  We no longer give prizes except for an occasional special competition.

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