Winning Entries from
National Night Out
Webster, TX


Walnut Park Winning Contestants

1st Place
Neighborhood Spirit
Neighborhood spirit is what I've got.
Neighborhood spirit should be taught.

Neighborhood spirit is what we need.
Neighborhood spirit is the key.

We help them learn, we help them play.
We help them grow and help them stay.

Every night out we learn something neat.
And then give neighbors advice that can't be beat.

When someone's in trouble we get on the double
and scurry to their house and help them out
thanks to National Night Out.

by Meagan Truxal 
2nd Place
Our Neighborhood

This is a neighborhood where families grow and friendships are made.
This is a neighborhood where we learn from our mistakes and our friendships never fade.

We stick together through thick and thin, 
And no matter what, everyone wins.

We have fun activities like pool parties and Night Out.
We learn about criminals out and about.

Every Night Out you learn something new.
Every Night Out, it's all about you.

by Michelle Kennedy

Green Acres Park Winning Contestants

1st Place
The Spirit of Webster

Watching the colorful July Fireworks in the dark,
Going to National Night Out at the park.

Hugging Santa and telling him my list is so long,
Listening to the Christmas carolers sing their special song.

Looking at the decorations at City Hall,
Going to soccer camp and kicking the ball.

Hugging the Easter Bunny under the sun,
Hunting Easter Eggs is so much fun.

The spirit of Webster is so grand,
I cannot name all the reasons on two hands.

by Jaclynn Edwards

2nd Place

(no text available for this entry)

by Shelby Mortensen

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1st Place
Jaclynn Edwards,  Age 8
Green Acres Resident

Neighborhood Spirit

Webster is a cool place to be a kid,
I want you to know that it has my bid,
For the neatest place on Earth.

There are fireworks on our country's birthday
And it makes me proud to say
I am glad to be here on this day.

I am happy there is National Night Out,
It makes us go out and about
Decorating out bike is fun,
Even under the hot sun.

Having a park close by
Is even fun under the blue sky.
There are summer programs
Like archery, swimming, and gymnastics,
Which are fantastic.

Living in Webster is sure a treat.
It's a place hard to beat

2nd Place
Kasey Hughes, Age 8
Green Acres Resident


I live in Green Acres neighborhood,
And Iím proud to call Webster my home,
Cause I know if Iím ever in danger
Help is as near as a phone.

Part of being a good neighbor
Means using our ears and eyes
And if something scary is going on
Call the police to come and find out why.

I never worry about bad guys
I feel safe in my bed at night
And if youíre thinking about doing wrong
You better start thinking right

Because Webster's finest will get you
Sooner or later, no doubt
And when you hear the jail door slam
You will be wishing you could just get out

I like to see the patrol car cruise through
I always smile and wave
Even if I donít know the officers names
Theyíre a friend who is strong and brave

3rd place
Nicholas Mortensen, Age 5
Justine Mortensen, Age 3

Both are Green Acres residents

Night Out Against Crime Poem


Kool Aid


Big sunglasses

And playing with my friends.

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