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Sponsors & Volunteers




Sol Magazine is a privately owned Members-only international volunteer project to help educate poets.  We are neither non-profit nor for-profit.  No fees are charged to members, subscribers, or readers.   Corporate or private Sponsors are welcome. 


Cash prizes:  If you wish to become a sponsor, either e-mail us to discuss your gift or an ongoing project, or simply mail us a letter that explains how you would like your cash gift to be used with a check made out to Leo F. Waltz.  Put Sol 2005 on the subject line of the check.  Send it to Sol Magazine, P.O. Box 580037, Houston, TX, 77258-0037.  If you wish us to consider a topic, form, and/or dedication, please place that information in your letter.  Make sure your full name, mailing address and phone number are included, as well as the name of the person or company you wish us to recognize as sponsor.   




Book prizes:  We no long accept books as prizes for poets.  We do advertise and occasionally review books for our members.  Ask us about having one of your books reviewed.  Books must be new, may be about poetry or writing, must be in English, family oriented, and not have content that identifies with any particular religious group or particular political party.  We accept no books for review that contain graphic language or include salacious material inside the book or on the cover. 




We always need poetry Judges, Guest Editors, Book Reviewers, and Proofreaders. Apply to the Managing Editor at

Sol.Editor@prodigy.net with VOLUNTEER APPLICATION in the subject of your note, and describe how often and in what capacity you wish to volunteer. 




Sol Magazine has opportunities available for a college or graduate student to act as a Spring or Summer Intern.  If you are interested in researching poetry forms or developing short workshops for poets, apply by contacting Mary Margaret Carlisle, Managing Editor, at P.O. Box 580037, Houston, TX, 77258-0037.  An average grade level of B or more is required.  With your application, include a copy of your current college transcript, your full name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, and one or two original poems.  Also include a SASE if you wish the transcript and poems returned.  Student Intern applications accepted from January through June.                      


2004-2005 Sol Magazine


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