Sol Magazine's
Poet Laureate 2002 Edition

By Mary Margaret Carlisle, Managing Editor

“Dedicated” is a word that applies to each and every person who worked on this immense project over the last six months.  Dedicated, devoted, enthusiastic, keen, committed, what else can you say about the extraordinary efforts of each judge, editor, manager, proofreader, or volunteer who worked on this, our fifth annual Poet Laureate Competition?

We, the Staff of Sol Magazine, dedicate this Poet Laureate Edition to each person who worked so very hard on this project.  Mind to mind, spirit to spirit, and heart to heart—we thank you.  You are wonderful.

By Betty Ann Whitney, Poetry Editor
Sol Magazine’s 1998 Poet Laureate

The Annual Poet Laureate Competition is Sol Magazine's most exciting contest; entry is by invitation, issued only to members who have won first place in our general contests, or who have been nominated by more than two of our Poet Laureate Judges or Editors.

From its inception, Sol Magazine's vision has been a labor of love.  Our purpose is to encourage, enrich, educate, and ennoble, to promote poetry, and to celebrate all poets.  Sol’s monthly publications are planned, written, evaluated, edited, and proofread by our all-volunteer staff whose many contributions are deemed invaluable by members and management alike.

Sol Magazine remains indebted to our members who so generously made their writing available; this year, we are particularly beholden to this year’s Poet Laureate Candidates.  Each entrant was worthy of the title of Poet Laureate 2002.

A special thanks goes to our yearly sponsors who so lovingly give unfailing encouragement and support, but in particular to Lois Lay Castiglioni and Louie Levy, who sponsored this year’s fifth Poet Laureate Competition.

More thanks go to our guest editors who bring fresh opinions to our pages; to our proofreaders who read every line, dot each “i” and cross each “t”; and to our expert monthly judges who so kindly read, choose the best from, and then comment upon the poetry contained in Sol's regular contests.

We must also thank the tremendous efforts of the judges of this complex and lengthy competition: Christopher Gibrich; Poetry Editor, Betty Ann Whitney, Sol Magazine’s 1998 Poet Laureate; John Rice, Sol Magazine’s 1999-2000 Poet Laureate; Lois Lay Castiglioni, Sol Magazine’s 2001 Poet Laureate; Editor-in-Chief, Craig Tigerman; and Features Editor, Paula Marie Bentley.  Every step of the way, each one of you was there to read another poem, add another comment, and support every large or small request of our Managing Editor, Mary Margaret Carlisle, and our Web Master and Prize Manager, Leo F. Waltz.

It takes many individual efforts each month to complete our vision.  Each person involved contributes to Sol Magazine's overall excellence.  We thank each one of you.

By Craig Tigerman, Editor-in-Chief

With Sol's fifth Poet Laureate Competition comes the realization that this was the finest one yet.  The reason is the overall quality of the entries.  We think as you read through this edition, you will see this for yourself and agree.  In this annual event, Sol Magazine is proud to feature the "best of the best."  Sol's staff is so thankful to all the contestants who reached deep and gave each contest their best literary and creative efforts.  Thank you, one and all!

Sol Magazine's Poet Laureate 2002 Edition
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