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Larry D. ThomasLARRY D. THOMAS
Larry D. Thomas was born and raised in West Texas.  He earned his B.A. degree in English from University of Houston.  He recently retired from a career in adult criminal justice in Harris County, Texas.  Book-length manuscripts of Thomas’ poetry were selected a s finalists in the 1993 and 1997 Southern and Southwestern Poets breakthrough Series completions sponsored by Texas Review Press, and the Summer 20000 Pecan grove Press national chapbook competition.  His poetry and reviews have appeared in numerous national journals, including The Midwest quarterly, The Texas Review, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, the Spoon River Poetry Review, Puerto del Sol, Writers’ Fourum, Insternatioal Poetry Review, The Cape Rock, and Louisiana Literature.  Larry became a member of Sol Magazine in 2002.

Ron BlantonRon Blanton
Poetry judge and poet Ron Blanton manages the training department for a Satellite based Internet Service Provider. He hails from Tennessee, and now calls a variety of places (Tennessee, Maryland, New Hampshire, Florida, Utah and Georgia) home. He says that he has met and come to love many beautiful people in his journeys.  In his words, "It has been a great joy and invaluable therapy to me to write and be listed among the talented writers here. I feel like a fraud who has posed himself as a writer and now has been "called out" to face a faster gun.  Thank you for asking me to participate."

Ron Blanton has been published in various magazines, and has received numerous awards from Sol Magazine.  In addition to being a finalist in the Sol Magazine 2002 Poet Laureate Competition, Ron was a panel judge for April 2002's poetry contests.

Esha NeogyEsha Neogy
One of April 2002's panel judges, Esha Neogy is the director of a biennial conference on children's literature, the vice president of the Hawaii Literary Arts Council, and a freelance editor of both fiction and nonfiction.  Her poetry has appeared in The Lair, the No Holds Barred anthology, and Sol Magazine; other publishing experience includes editing the University of Hawaii's student newspaper and sitting on its Board of Publications.  She has been writing one thing or another almost continuously since she was five years old.

At age five, Esha (first syllable pronounced like saying the letter A, to rhyme with "may") started responding to the question "What are you going to be when you grow up?" with the answer "I've decided to decide when I'm ten."  In this spirit, though decades later, she now works--or plays--part-time as a mediator, a provider of abridged captioning for the hard of hearing, a performer of early music (medieval, Renaissance, Baroque), a moderator of e-mail discussion lists, and probably several other things.

Jean McAllister, born in New York City, and raised in Princeton, NJ, now lives in the state of Washington. She received a BA at University of Santa Clara, and a PhD in English from University of Washington. An extensive exposure to woods and streams shaped her approach to imagery and poetry. Her focus in writing is on nature and spirituality.  Her work has been published in Sol Magazine, and she was recently a finalist in Houston Writers League 1999 Chapbook Competition. She has three grown daughters, and two granddaughters. Jean was Sol Magazine's Book Reviewer between 1998-2000. In her words, "My passion is helping people grow toward God."

Pat Tabella

Carlyn Luke Reding

Emily Katherine Earnest

Jim Lay

Lois Lay Castiglioni

Milton & Kay (Lay) Earnest

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