The Sol Magazine 2004 Poet Laureate Special Edition is online in two formats:
  • The web page or html version is here.

  • A printable version in PDF format is here.
  • Notes on the printable PDF version follow:
    It is 29 paper pages when printed.  File size is approximately 1.2 MB.
    (Display of the first page will be slow, especially for dial-up users.  Expect at least 5 minutes at 45Kbps for the full document.)

    Using the above link for the edition will open a new browser window, but how your browser plug-ins are implemented will determine if that window will actually display the document, or if a separate window is opened dedicated to the Adobe Viewer.

    Note that the 2004 Poet Laureate Special Edition is not included in our search engine as there is an extra charge to index PDF documents and Sol does not have any funding to cover that capability.

    This Edition was composed to the printed page using Serif's Page Plus software, keeping a very minimum of movement across pages and columns that is typical when viewing a document formatted for the printed page.  The bookmark feature of PDF was used so that online viewing can be easily navigated to any poet, but a conventional table of contents is provided for those that wish to print the document.  You can activate the bookmark display (if it is not already shown by default) by clicking the tab labelled bookmark.  It can also be detached from the main window to create a separate small window that can be placed under the main Adobe Viewer window when not needed (this nice feature will not work if the viewer opens in an Internet Explorer window).  Adobe Viewer 6.0 (see last paragraph below)  is highly recommended.

    Because of display differences in the HTML pages when viewed on different screen resolutions and with different browsers, it has been decided to supplement the web pages with this PDF format. The PDF (Portable Document Format) will allow all viewers to see and print the edition with the same appearance.

    PDF is widely used on the web and nearly every computer has the Adobe Acrobat Viewer to view .pdf files.  Many computers are now configured to directly view .pdf files internal to the browsers as opposed to a separate application being called.  However, since Acrobat is usually supplied on a new computer, many folks have never upgraded and are still running older versions of the free Acrobat that might date back a few years.  The current version of the free software is 6.0 and can be obtained here: and I recommend an upgrade, especially those still on a version that is prior to 5.1.  That link will support many platforms, not just Windows.