Christian Waltz

Photo of Pettit & Waltz shop in Denison, Texas, latter 1800's.
Christian Waltz was born at Wittenberg, Germany, Sept. 16, 1850.  He left for New York at the age of 16, where he remained for a short time before continuing to Grand Rapids, MI.  In 1876, when Denison, TX was a mere village, Mr. Waltz arrived and entered the employ of Owen McCarthy, who operated a hardware store.  In 1883 he launched out in business which was destined to identify the name of Chris Waltz with plumbing in Texas and Oklahoma,  Mr. Waltz first opened a small sheet metal shop on North Austin Ave. at the rear of the building at 131 West Main street in partnership with Frank Pettit.  On the death of his partner, Mr. Waltz took complete charge of the business, which he later moved to a site later occupied by Dollarhide and Harris Hardware store.  His next move was to 305 W. Woodard, where he remained until 1916, when he opened the business at 201 W. Woodard.

After a few years of sheet metal work, Mr. Waltz added the plumbing business to his shop.  Next, he took over the electrical contracting work of the old Denison Power and Light Company.  He added the electrical work to his already fast growing business at the time electricity was being introduced into general use and probably wired more houses for lights than any other man in North Texas.  In his early days as a plumber he accepted contracts for work throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Having opened one of the first plumbing shops in the state, Mr. Waltz attracted a number of men who took their apprenticeship in his plant.  Heads of several leading plumbing companies of Texas learned the game from the Denison man.  His sons, Leo John and George Waltz, were associated with him in his business.  He was active until his injury to his hip in a fall from an automobile three months prior to his death.  He was an early member of the Texas Master Plumbers' Association, of which he at one time was vice-president.

On 5/20/1883 Mr. Waltz was married to Miss Frances Heger (b. 9/11/1859, d. 9/17/1938) of Denison, TX.  He was a member of the Lutheran Church and the Sons of Herman.  He was buried in Fairview cemetery in Denison.

Christian Waltz (1850-1927)

Inside view (early 1900's) of Chris Waltz
when located in the 300 block of Woodard
or at 311 Main Street
Left to right: Hugo Koeppen, office manager
Christian Waltz, owner
Mr. Katchel, Mr. Heimberger

Photo of front of store
possibly when located in 300 block of Woodard,
but it had a 311 Main Street address at one time
according to the 1893 city directory.

Later photo when Chris Waltz store was at 201 W. Woodard
(The 2nd floor was the Woodman of the World (WOW) hall.)

Descendents of Christian Waltz:
10-02-1885 03-01-1967   81 Anna Lillian
01-09-1888 02-02-1950   62 Leo John
08-22-1889 07-05-1957   67 Clara Frances
10-31-1891 06-29-1924   32 Christian Jr.
11-14-1893 03-30-1990   96 Franz Hugo
09-02-1895 11-03-1955   60 Josephine
08-01-1900 10-08-1944   44 George Everett

Leo John Waltz (1888 - 1950)

George Waltz

Christian Waltz, Jr.

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Leo Waltz
Webster, Texas