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Just wanted to put up a few interesting links for poetry folks ---

We will do some travelling here, so to start us out, we might take our poetry up on an airplane to soar the skies.  So visit this site for a great example of concrete poetry that really takes off!

We live in Webster, Texas, but did you know that there once was a community in Texas named Poetry ?  Too bad the Poetry Post Office closed in 1905 or we could mail the prizes from there.  Read all about it here: Poetry, Texas

Since we are so close to NASA's Johnson Space Center, let's go to the moon next ---
There is a crater on the moon called Rhysling.  Rhysling Crater is named for the blind space poet in Robert Heinlein's classic science fiction story The Green Hills of Earth.   Now the tough question:  Which astronaut quoted from the story and which Apollo flight were they on?  I could hide the answer somewhere, but I'll make it easy on you and let you visit the transcript of the conversation.
Click here to visit the log of Apollo 15 (oops, I gave away part of the answer).

Now to Mars ---
Here you will find some student-submitted poetry about Mars.

Into diamonds?  How about a poem inspired by interstellar microdiamonds ?? Click here.

More stuff will be posted here in the future.  If you want to email me directly with comments, use this address:

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