I went on a quest in July 2002 to find Poetry (Texas, that is). I knew it existed as I had a sentence about it on the Sol Magazine Web Manager’s page. How do you find “Poetry”? Well, you look at a map of Texas and find the intersection of Farm Roads 986 and 1565 north of Terrell, TX in Kaufman County, which is east of Dallas. If you have read the reference which has been on the web manager’s page for about a year, you will already know that it no longer has a post office. So what remains of the community?

On this web page are some photographs taken in the Poetry community.

Looks like I better stop for the poetry traffic. I wonder if the Poetry Police give “poetic traffic tickets”?

I am on the road to Poetry, but the sign indicates that this is still the city of Terrell. Keep on moving....

On the left is another water tank.
Wait! What does it say on the side?

Another sign, this one in front of a church. They have a newer sign, but this one has a spider!

The Poetry Feed & Seed store is open for business, so I go in and chat with a lady inside. She says the store is changing its name as it is now part of a chain.

Looks like the community directory on this sign. The word “Poetry” on the top (circled) appears to be made from pieces of metal pipe.

Here are a couple of historical markers for two of Poetry’s churches. It doesn’t look like the Texas Historical Commission tried to use poetry when they wrote the text. (Click on photos for text)

Having seen the main sights of the Poetry Community, I head down the road to seek out my next destination in Texas.

Leo Waltz
Web Manager
Sol Magazine

In Search of “Poetry”

By Leo Waltz, Sol Web Manager (and other titles)

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