Gulf Coast Poets Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2009


A.  President Mary Carlisle called the meeting to order at 10:45 AM and welcomed those in attendance.

a.   Minutes taken by Barbara Carle.

b.   Oscar Pena made a motion to approve the minutes of the January 10, 2009 meeting.  Motion was seconded by Dick Peake.


B.  Reports:

      a.  Treasurer’s Report:  Jan. 1 thru Jan. 31, 2009.

           Beginning Balance - $1,680.99, Jan. 1, 2009

           Ending Balance - $1,737.15, Jan. 31, 2009

      b.  Membership Report:

           Rebecca Travis reported three new members have joined bringing membership to 40.


  a. Donny Wankan discussed the new Gulf Coast Poets Book Club beginning in April. Anyone interested is asked to contact Donny, Committee Chair.

  b. Those interested in the Gulf Coast Poets Poetry Anthology were asked  to contact Donny Wankan, Chair.


C.  Announcements

a. Gulf Coast Poets fourth Monday night critique will be held at Seabrook’s  Coffee Oasis on Feb. 23rd at 6:45 p.m.

      b. Scheduled Meetings and speakers:

March 14, Marie Delgado Travis.

April – no meeting.

April 25 – Alvin Community College Writers Conference

May 9, Carolyn Luke Reding, from Austin, Texas.

June 12, Susan Bright, Plain View Press, Austin.  

      c.  Lynn Streeter and Becky Ellisor will be guest poets at the Seabrook Coffee Oasis Poetry Reading Series on March 2nd.

                 d.  Guest Robert Neeley introduced himself and reported his poetry can be read on line in Radiant Turnstile.


       D.       a. Gulf Coast Poets January Contest Winners    

Haunted - Von S. Bourland

Servant Hood - Debi Fairchild

Buying Dolphins -Terry Miller.

Cowboy Boots and High Heels - Debi Fairchild.

      b. Gulf Coast Poets Love Poetry Contest winners: 

1st Place – Blink - Rebecca Hatcher Travis.

2nd Place (tie) – Love in Old Age - Richard Peake.

2nd Place (tie) – The Meal - Margaret Ellis Hill.

3rd Place (tie) – Love - Barbara Ann Carle

3rd Place (tie) – Memorial Day - Mary Ann Goodwin.

4th Place – Our Love - Lauran Perry English.

5th Place – It’s Time Lover - Karen A. Gerky Calhoun

Honorable Mention – At Last (Netsuke) - Oscar C. Pena

Honorable Mention – Love’s Lament - June LaVernway.

Honorable Mention – Your New Matches - Adamarie Fuller.


      E.  Speaker – Rebecca Hatcher Travis read from her wonderful new book “Picked Apart the Bones”, the winner of the “First Book Award for Poetry” Native Writers’ Circle of the Americas.


      F.  Mary Carlisle led a discussion of several poetry definitions.


      G. Several Members read poems from various well known poets.


      H. Read-A-Round Poems:

            a. Mary Carlisle – The World is Flat.

            b. Barbara Carle – The Beach

            c. Adrianna Vazquez – Love Thy Self.

            d. Oscar Pena – Lost Love.


The meeting ended at 12:05 PM.  Lunch with our speaker, Rebecca Hatcher Travis followed at Angelo’s Restaurant on Bay Area Blvd. in Webster.