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Gulf           Coast Poets

This is an intercept page for the Gulf Coast Poets.

From the Treasurer and Web Manager, Leo Waltz:
Since there has been no interest in resuming the GCP as a poetry organization, I will be terminating the site in 2023.  That has the following effects:

  1. The domain will be discontinued after the summer of 2023.
  2. Any email address using the domain name, such as Leo@GulfCoastPoets.info will terminate. However the email of GulfCoastPoets@gmail.com will be retained for an unknown time and will be used to communicate with past and lifetime members.
  3. The bank account will be closed in 2023, so any outstanding checks from past years that were not cashed will bounce.
  4. Disposition of any funds in the account will be determined in 2023. I am thinking of a possible Poetry Society of Texas contest sponsorship on a larger scale than previously done.
  5. The Facebook page will remain for purposes of discussion.
  6. A method of accessing the meeting handouts listed on this page: http://gulfcoastpoets.info/documents.html will be set up prior to the shutdown. These handouts range from 2020 back to 2009.

I may add to the above list as I think of things.

To access the entry page of the site, use this link:
http://GulfCoastPoets.info/index2.html  as clicking the nav button on the left for the “entry page” will simply reload this page.

Send any email to GulfCoastPoets@gmail.com

Leo Waltz