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Gulf           Coast Poets

Welcome to the Gulf Coast Poets (GCP) Web Pages

The GCP is a Chapter of the Poetry Society of Texas

You can find meeting information including guest speakers and locations on the Meetings page.

The Membership page has a link to the 2017 membership and renewal form.

The Officers page contains the current elected officers and other volunteers. It also has a list of opportunities for additional volunteers.

Members’ Pubs will contain new books and publications with the poetry of current members.

The “Old webpage” button will call up the previous web page which may have some information and links not yet incorporated into the site upgrade.  It may also have some links that no longer work.  Information on the old webpage will not be updated.

A live preview of the GCP Facebook page may appear below, depending on the security settings of your browser.  (Note that the page was taken offline 5/25, but will reappear later as a new page.  The URL of the page might be different then and the frame below will need to be updated when that happens.)