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Thank you for your interest in Ampersand Poetry Journal.
Submission to APJ implies you are over eighteen.
We receive hundreds of submissions, but publish no more than twenty poets a year, four of them by invitation-only. Response time for the average submission: between a day and a year.   If you are a new writer with little publishing experience, consider submitting to Sol Magazine (a place for new and emerging poets) instead of Ampersand Poetry Journal.  If you have not read our journal or our magazine, or studied our guidelines (different for both publications) please do so before submitting works.    
Ampersand Poetry Journal prefers experienced published writers.  Because we wish to highlight publishers as well, we strongly prefer previously published works where rights have reverted to the author.  It is possible that we may accept a mix that includes a few - one or two - new works, but not all may be new unless submitted by a poet laureate, or the poet was invited to submit to Ampersand. We are looking for beautifully written poems that speak of common topics in an uncommon way, or discuss uncommon topics without elevation. We want a variety of poems with unique metaphors, interesting points of view, fresh imagery, and a strong voice. We prefer free verse written in second or third person. We want the best work you have ever written.

We decline poems with erotica, graphic language, cursing, rants, backward phrasing, archaic words, performance pieces and experimental forms, political and religious writings.  Rhyming works strongly discouraged unless in sonnet form, and even then, we prefer complex word choices rather than common rhyme.  We do not publish manuscripts or epic poems. We reserve the right to request changes in spelling, syntax, punctuation, or formatting before accepting any poem. We no longer consider submissions from poets between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one unless all of the works they submit (a minimum of six poems) have been previously published, and their poems have been recommended by a professor.

We decline all third party submissions, and delete without comment all submissions that do not fit our formatting guidelines. We reserve the right to decline any work at any time. Publishing credits are verified before acceptance of poems.


Even if you've been invited to submit your work, include permission to publish; contact information (full name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address); third person biography (between 50 and 100 words long); and the titles of the poems in the body of your e-mail.

We always publish full name, e-mail address, city, state (or province) and country with biography and photo. If you wish us to include a URL, or your full mailing address or a phone number, tell us in your cover letter.

We suggest you include a paragraph of prior publishers, any college or other educational information, if any; you are welcome to make mention of your family.

Required: Include between six and ten poems together in a single (one) MS Word (.doc) file, or Rich Text (.rtf) format. No MS Works documents. If you send us six poems in six attachments, we'll delete your submission. Do not include anything in the attachment but the poem titles, the poems, and publisher information.


If you were invited to submit your work, please send us a .jpg color close up where you were the only one in the photo.  We rarely consider black and white photos.

If you were not personally invited by the editor to submit your work, ready a color close-up and other short previously published poems, but do not send until requested. Before you submit your work, please read a portion of the journal to see what style of writing we have chosen in the past.

We have a back-log of submissions in-house to consider before we may be able to assign your submission to a reading panel. Do not ask us to let you know if we've received your submission. If you receive no answer within six months, you are welcome to resubmit with new works and an updated biography, but we will not answer questions about prior submissions.

If we have already accepted your work for publication, feel free to write at anytime with questions or comments.

Best of luck with your writing.

Mary Margaret Carlisle, Project Director
Leo F. Waltz, Webmaster
Revised September, 2012